Achieving Community Awareness and Commitment.

Achieving Community Awareness and Commitment The introduction to last week’s project stated that policy statements are only as valuable as they are readily understood by those they impact. Policy statements and communication formats are also only as valuable as they are able to be operationalized in practice. This may involve something as deceptively simple as assisting parents or the general public with interpreting school report card data or as comprehensive as marketing a school district. For specific assignments you will be asked to post your work into Taskstream. These assignments are part of our assessment process. Your instructor will use the rubric to score your work and then use the information to inform your grade; meaning it will be part but not all of the information your instructor uses to evaluate your work. The rubric provides a clear connection between expectations (Program Goals, Learning outcomes, ISLLC standards) and your work as a student. Grading the paper provides an opportunity to support the student in their learning journey. If you have questions please contact your instructor. Assignment Preparation 1.Please review all Books and Resources for this week. 2.Review APA Form and Style. 3.Use the Northcentral University Library and or other resources you may find helpful to research more detail regarding this week’s topic. 4.Access the state report card for the schools and/or school district in which you are currently employed, were most recently employed, or in which you currently reside. If you, as an educational leader, were asked to present the report card information to a heterogeneous group of community members, think about the following questions: •what areas would you highlight? •What areas might be questioned by your audience? •Were you surprised by any of the information on the report card(s)? 5.Provide the web link to the report card data with three paragraphs of narrative addressing: areas to highlight, areas that may be questioned, and your personal reaction to the data on the report card.

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