Analyse key characteristics of supply chain aspect .

Report Requirements The first part of the report should analyse key characteristics of supply chain aspect which is Implementation of ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning) systems to integrate a global supply chain, including benefits, barriers to implementation, sustainability issues, and relevant risks. The second part of the report should include the analysis of one relevant case study which is Rolls-Royce ERP case study (based on literature review) to illustrate the implementation of ERP. The length of coursework is 3000 words, without including cover page, table of content, references and appendices. Please take into account that referencing is based on the Harvard System. Do NOT use Wikipedia,, Wikihow,, Investopedia or similar sites as references. These are not appropriate academic references. Use only good quality references, such as recent articles from academic journals, books, industrial and government reports, specialised magazines, publications, etc. Avoid copy/paste practices for the text Explain all concepts in your own words and include the references along the relevant sentences and paragraphs. Avoid excessive use of “quotations”. If you use quotations, you must explain in your own words what you understand from those quotations. Outline A general outline for the report is suggested below: 1. Cover page and table of content. 2. Introduction. It includes a brief description of ERP, including the main purpose (aim) of the report. 3. Analysis of the ERP (literature review section), including: key characteristics of this aspect, benefits, barriers to implementation, sustainability issues, and relevant risks. 4. Analysis of Rolls-Royce case study that has implemented ERP aspect. It is very important that you establish a clear and explicit link between the discussions in the literature review section and the case study. In this section, it is important to explain the following: a. Achieving strategic fit: • Step 1: Understanding the Customer and Supply Chain Uncertainty. • Step 2: Understanding the Supply Chain: understand the supply chain capabilities and map it on the responsiveness spectrum. • Step 3: Achieving Strategic Fit: Firm must ensure that the supply chain responsiveness is consistent with the implied uncertainty (demand and supply). In other words, organization needs to ensure that what the supply chain does well is consistent with targeted customer’s needs. Note: In order to achieve strategic fit, it is important to define roles and tasks to different stages of the supply chain (suppliers, manufacturer, distributors, etc.) to ensure the appropriate level of responsiveness. 5. Conclusion, including a brief summary of the report and discussing the lessons learnt from this coursework. 6. List of good quality academic references.

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