Discuss Democracy, Voting, and Aristotle

Democracy, Voting, and Aristotle

In the purest sense, a democracy means the ability to vote and to have that vote count. The voice of the people is heard through their votes, but only if those votes matter. To elaborate, there are countries where you can vote but there is only …

impacts to the local/regional economy and concers with power supply.

its a power point presentation. i need two slides. its about venice italy. i will upload some files plase follow them correctly. group 6 is my group. i am doing impacts to the local/regional economy and concers with power supply. please provide all the references . one slide would be for the impacts to the local/regional economy and 2nd slide would be for the concerns with power supply

Discuss Nursing history

Please answer following questions. As a reference please use the book Judd, D., & Sitzman, K. (2014). A history of American nursing: Trends and eras (2nd ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett
Question 1:
Important nurses of the 19th century are often overshadowed by Nightingales prominence. Select one 19th-century nurse other than Nightingale and describe this persons contributions to the profession. Although some duplication is expected, please try to select a nurse who has not already been presented by a classmate.
Question 2:
There was much progress in nursing during the early-to-middle part of the 20th century (1900 through the late 1930s). After reading the textbook and the lesson for this week, describe one area of change in nursing that intrigues you during that time period. Discuss how that area could be applied today.

Explain on Caring for Populations

The purpose of this paper is to identify and assess an aggregate or vulnerable population in your community. You will also describe one community health problem that impacts this group. This problem must be one that a community health nurse could positively impact.