Briefly introduce and summarize Adelman’s book review.

In Unit I, you have been reading about European explorers and their reports on their findings when coming to the “New World” and interacting with the native populations. You have been asked to look closely at how Columbus’s report was designed to “sell” his explorations to his queen, and you have been asked to compare Columbus’s report of his contact with natives to native culture revealed in native stories.

Now, you are asked to critique a 2012 book review by Jeremy Adelman, entitled “The First Global Man: The Americas Before Columbus.” Adelman’s book report discusses journalist Charles Mann’s two major books that re-explore significant events in 1492 and 1493 and their lasting controversial legacies. It can be found in the CSU Online Library’s Academic OneFile database.

For this assignment, you are to write a brief article critique of Adelman’s book review. Your article critique must include the following information and answer the following questions:

 Briefly introduce and summarize Adelman’s book review.

 Identify Adelman’s main points about Mann’s books.

 Who is Adelman’s intended audience for the book review?

 What specific issues are addressed in Adelman’s article about Mann’s books?

 Discuss how Adelman’s book review relates to what you have learned about Columbus and the legacy of early European explorers and their lasting impact on controversial issues still relevant today.

 Use a minimum of three of this unit’s key words in your critique.

Your article critique must be a minimum of one page in length. Format your short essay and ci

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