Crime Scene Case Analysis.

Write a research paper  consisting of a “real” case analysis, and should present the science behind criminalistics. The case may be from newspaper reports, in books describing a crime, or in popular programs such as Forensic Files. The paper should focus on the physical and/or biological evidence that was gathered, the tests used to analyze it, and the results of the analyses. You should think critically about the techniques and methods presented in the case. Some guiding questions are: • What procedures were used to collect the evidence? • Were critical mistakes made during the investigation? • Were the scientific techniques appropriate to analyze the evidence collected? • Did the crime scene technicians follow set procedures and protocols? • What were the results of the analyses? Were they credible? Your paper should contain the following sections: Title, Description of the Crime Scene, Evidence, Description of Analytical Tests, Results of Analyses, Conclusion, Critical Analysis, and References. All sources of information shall be cited within the text of the paper and shall have a matching bibliographical entry. Both print and online sources should be cited.

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