Define the problem of illegal immigration in the USA.

This is an argument paper in favor of illegal immigration in the USA. In writing, define the problem, didefine the problem,scuss the causes, offer a solution, and deal with opposing arguments. Tell your audience exactly what it should do. Perhaps lay out a specific plan to implement a change. make your solution feasible, something that real people might actually do or have time and money to do. with complex issues offer at least a first step towards the solution. be explicit about the good consequences of your plan, hopefully for everyone concerned. As always, use specific examples so that you avoid dealing totally in abstractions. In dealing with opposing arguments ( the con side), it’s your job to predict what the other side would say about every idea that you raise. You can perhaps agree with the con side on certain points, but you need to use support to argue against the con side. support such as examples, statistics, legitimate appeal to emotions, and logic. Avoid logical fallacies and consider tone as well. Think of audience and the purpose of the paper. who are you trying to convince , and why? Organizing the paper: *Definition of the problem, with causes *Thesis *The con of the argument (all the con arguments that you can think of) *Your pro arguments *Solution *Conclusion: good effects of your solution

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