Determine the most important bargaining challenges in the modern workplace.

In a paper, identify and analyze the necessary steps in preparing for and engaging in the collective bargaining process. Evaluate an example of a collective bargaining process in an industry of your choice that you have found through an Internet search.

Compare the different strategies implemented by both the union and management. Based on your analysis, address the following:

  1. Determine the most important bargaining challenges in the modern workplace.
  2. Explain whether or not different industries have different factors to consider and provide examples.
  3. How would you address these if you were a member of the management team within the industry you selected for conducting your research?
  4. Explain how the union employees may address the situation.
  5. Explain how these issues have changed in the last decade and discuss possible reasons for these changes, which could also serve as helpful recommendations for your target audience.
  6. Identify your target audience and provide a summary statement of your findings and recommendation.

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