Develop a Layoff Plan

Review the ethical model decision-making framework (Collins, 2009) and its ethical model starting on p. 52 in your Trevino and Nelson textbook. Review the article Cost Reductions, Downsizing, Related Layoffs and HR Practices, and use the discussion question #7, page 313 from Trevino.

Using the ethical model as your guide, imagine that you are the manager of a facility of 1,000 workers, and 200 employee layoffs are scheduled. Design an action plan for how the layoffs will occur. How would you handle both those being laid off and the survivors? Identify what stage of the ethical model your actions correspond to within your action plan.

Layout your action plan using the headings in the article:

Short-range cost adjustments
Medium-range adjustments
Long-range adjustments
Concluding comments

I am attaching the files that need to be used for the assignment might need to use some other references to

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