Discuss how does the integration of IT into accounting systems enhance internal control?

5 accounting questions due tomorrow morning. Questions are not related, and should be answered separately with the correlating question number on top. References are required.


The CEO attended a conference that presented the topics of Economic Value Added (EVA), Balanced Scorecard, and activity-based costing. He has come to you wanting more information about these three topics. Discuss the concept of EVA, Balanced Scorecard and activity-based costing and what their purpose is. Discuss the advantages and the disadvantages of a company’s use of these performance measures. How are these three measures related?


Please listen and watch the videos found in the Week 5 Lecture on fraud, evidence, and computer sabotage. Briefly discuss what you perceive to be the most significant point made by the speakers regarding the auditor’s role in detecting fraud. See attachments.


We have very interesting topic this week. Please discuss how does the integration of IT into accounting systems enhance internal control?


Auditors develop overall audit plans to ensure that they obtain “sufficient appropriate audit evidence.” To this end, auditors employ various types of audit tests, or audit procedures. The extent to which auditors use different audit procedures and the timing of those procedures is a matter of professional judgment, which depends upon a number of factors. Decisions about the mix of audit procedures and the timing of procedures significantly impact the speed with which an audit report can be issued.

What factors will an auditor likely consider when determining the types and timing of audit procedures?


Please discuss and contrast the circumstances in which the auditor would choose not to test controls with those in which he or she would perform tests of controls.


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