Discuss the bombing campaign the RAF and the USAAF conducted against the Third Reich.

Question #1 (250 word + essay) APA format with references

Discuss the bombing campaign the RAF and the USAAF conducted against the Third Reich. How did the two differ in objectives and why? What resistance impediments did the campaign experience? What was accomplished by the bombing campaign?


Question # 2 (250 word + essay) APA format with references

Outline the factors which resulted in the choice of Normandy as the site of D-Day. What other options did the Allies contemplate, and where these alternatives sites ruled out? Describe the military events which composed D-Day on the beaches of both Omaha and Utah. Finally, what was the German reaction the D-Day and why?


Question # 3  Place the events below in correct chronological order.

1) Following Hitler’s suicide, his German successors surrender to the Allies

2) Allies met at a conference in Portsmouth to determine the fate of a cross channel invasion (D-day)

3) The Tehran conference ended the debate concerning OVERLOAD

4) At the Casablanca Conference the Allies determined POINTBLANK must be a critical element of any invasion of Germany


5) A group of both German citizens and generals unsuccessfully attempt the end the Nazi regime through a foiled attempt on Hitler’s life

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