Discuss what the lives of each group of people might have been like.

There are four (4) essay questions on the Final Essay Exam. All four essays must be answered. Your answers should be about 250 words in length. This stone house was built around 1639 by a prosperous man in North Carolina. Consider three different groups of people whose lives intersected with it – the craftsmen who constructed it, the family that owned it, and the servants who worked in it. Drawing on what you have learned this semester, discuss what the lives of each group of people might have been like. Consider geography, climate, race, gender, ethnicity, and legal status among other factors. Support your answer with specific examples. The experience of African-Americans in the 17th and 18th centuries varied widely depending upon where they lived and the type of work they did. Discuss the ways in which the experiences of those living in the South were different from those living in the North. In addition to work and climate, consider family, religion, social activities, and living arrangements among other things. Support your answer with specific examples. The following letter was written to William Johnson, a merchant in the Mohawk territory of New York, by John Catherwood, Secretary to NY Governor Clinton. New York Sept 5, 1745 Dear Sir;There is one Jane Watson come from Your part of the country who says she lived with You a servant, & is come now to this city, & this day has hired herself to His Exys. Lady .As she is a stranger she refers herself to you for a character, & I beg Youl be so good to be genuine in it, with respect to her honesty & behavior while with you. She says she came from Ireland a young girl with her Uncle one Macky who lives [ ] Philadelphia. I beg Youl send me an Answer as soon as possible & believe me very truly SirYour most Obdet Hble ServantJn CatherwoodHistorians use primary sources like this letter to learn about the past. What information can you extract from John Catherwood’s letter? What does it tell you about employment practices, social interaction, immigration, and the households of both Gov. Clinton and William Johnson? What else can you learn from the letter? The original letter is published in the Papers of Sir William Johnson. The papers are available through Google Books. Historians rely heavily on primary sources in their work. Kupperman’s book is filled with examples. Explain what constitutes a primary source and how it is different from a secondary one. Look at the two images below. Explain why they are either secondary or primary sources and what a historian can learn by examining them in detail. You should properly cite all your sources using Chicago/Turabian or APA style, including textbooks and any other sources you may use. It is suggested you write or print out the essay questions for handy reference as you develop your responses.

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