Explain how the experience on the racing teams could be used to develop GM employees who have other types of jobs.

Describe the potential advantages and disadvantages associated with rotating engineers through the racing teams. Explain how the experience on the racing teams could be used to develop GM employees who have other types of jobs.

and some details here about general motors:

its general motors case for  Managing and Behavior in Organizations


Other signs that the revitalization at General Motors is genuine involve changes to the company’s management practices. For example, consider the steps the company has taken to develop creativity and urgency of engineers who need to introduce fresh new vehicles into the marketplace at an improved pace. Traditionally, engineers worked long-term product development cycles involving high levels of structure, control, and routine.91Engineers are now rotated through GM’s racing teams for a season so that they can learn how to perform in a context where problem solving is quicker and more fluid. In racing, there’s less information and time available, and as a consequence, engineers learn to become more comfortable making decisions based on their gut feelings and experience, rather than on an exhaustive analysis of data and consideration of benefits and costs from every conceivable vantage point, so that the best compromise can be reached. General Motors is willing to accept that some decisions will be wrong, however; decisions will be made quicker, and perhaps more important, knowledge gained from bad decisions can be used to inform better future decisions. How well will this practice work? Although it is difficult to predict, the 20 new vehicles that General Motors introduced in 2012 compare favorably to the 19 that its chief rival Toyota introduced in 2011.92

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