How do you propose to approach the development of a solution?

Project description
How do you propose to approach the development of a solution? Don’t give the final solution, but list some possibilities with pluses and minuses. What tools and techniques will you use to evaluate the various approaches? Testing? Mathematical modeling? What resources are needed? What information is needed from the project sponsor?

the project is:
The sponsor has focused on the woodchopper exercise for exercising the core muscles

without significant strain on the rest of the body, especially the neck and back. For this reason we have

included a protrusion from the upper end of our designs with the intent of providing an easy and

ergonomic way to do the woodchopper exercise throughout all of our concepts. As with all exercise

equipment it is apparent that large forces will be acting upon the device, it will be important that we

know the limits of the device so that we may accurately advise our customers as to the maximum

resistance they may use with the device.

Safety is number one with all exercise equipment, its important that if the system is attached to

a door that there is a large factor of safety so that the equipment not fail under tension and injure the

customer. Cost is also extremely important, in order to compete with the current products on the

market we will have to keep our costs very low to make a profit and have a chance at marketing the
product successfully.

Relevant Background Information:

Physical therapists and chiropractors utilize many resistance-based exercises to help their

patients recover from injuries and build strength. The main advantage of such exercises is that it allows

for the movements necessary to stimulate muscle growth while avoiding the strain of other, more

traditional exercises. For instance, traditional sit ups or crunches are problematic for the elderly and

those with previous back problems. With resistance-based exercises, physical therapists and

chiropractors can target those same muscle groups without the worry of causing more damage in

sensitive individuals. According to Gwen Crawford, PT, there are literally hundreds of different

exercises that we prescribe to patients. In all exercises, bands of different resistance (designated by

color) can be used to meet the needs of the particular patient. For example, the wood-chopper

motion is a commonly prescribed exercise designed to target the core. In this exercise, the patient pulls

a resistance band positioned at head height or higher across the body down to hip height. Other

exercises require the resistance bands to be positioned lower to the ground or closer to chest height. As

such, devices to anchor the bands at varying heights and orientations for the many exercises are prolific

in the industry.

Most commonly, rigid, wall-mounted devices are used to anchor the resistance bands. These

products are typically moderately priced, but have the draw-back of being fixed devices that cannot be

moved or taken home with the patient. They also require a nontrivial amount of time to position and

mount on the wall. Another option currently utilized is door-mounted devices that serves the same

purpose. These products have the advantage of being portable but require a door of the correct

dimensions to be used, which can prove to be problematic. According to Gwen Crawford, PT, the current

solution for in-home exercises for patients is to knot resistance bands so they can be placed in a doors.

She states that there are issues with the bands slipping out and that the height of the door obviously

impacts where the anchors can be placed. This solution also obviously require the presence of a door,

which may not always be readily available depending on the particular situation. Additionally, neither

the wall nor door-mounted designs currently offer a way to anchor resistance bands above the patient

to allow for downward exercise motions. A portable, lightweight and safe solution is needed on the

market to allow for these exercises to be performed more effectively in-home and in-clinic.

List of Design Equations

1.) Bending stress for carriage rolls and frame


x is the normal stress caused by bending moment

M is the bending moment applied on the beam

y is the distance from neutral axis in y direction

I is the moment of inertia

Applying a force to the core exercise equipment induces a bending moment on the structure of the

system, this is the most likely to cause a failure in the system if the design is not made with a large

safety factor. Safety is number one but it will also be important to choose a cost effective material

with good strength qualities to satisfy this requirement.

2.) Fatigue on exercise equipment

Se=k ak bk ck dk ek f Se


k a = surface condition modification factor

k b = size modification factor

k c = load modification

k d = temperature modification factor

k e = reliability factor

k f = miscellaneous effects modification factor

S = rotary beam test specimen endurance limit

Se = endurance limit at the critical location of the exercise machine part in the

geometry and condition of use

The fatigue in the system should not be of significant concern depending upon the material, cyclic

loading will not be an issue with our system as it is not being used constantly but it should still be

considered in the design.

3.) Normal Stress against the mounting fixture (door)


is the normal stress

is the force place on the system

is the area of which the force is placed

Normal stress will be especially important in the door design, it will be important to spread the

maximum of 250lbs over a large surface area against the mounting surface (wall). Otherwise the

exercise machine may damage the drywall or molding of the customers home. A larger attachment

surface area also increases the safety of the machine by having more of a gripping force.

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