Identify your business superhero’s real name and the company he/she heads .

superhero:yahoo, Marissa Mayer


Identify your business superhero’s real name and the company he/she heads in an opening paragraph where you make a claim about this person’s status: superhero OR supervillain? Based on what evidence?

Provide his or her origin story. Identify the key moments that led to this individual’s transformation from ordinary individual to business superhero. Trace his or her rise to power, including significant job changes or dates of promotion.

Describe your subject’s key attributes or business superpowers, and make it clear how they are illustrated by his or her rise to prominence. Provide supporting examples that show your subject’s super abilities.

Describe his or her iconic Your images should clearly support how your business superhero presents himself/herself to the world, and how his or her appearance clearly “proclaims” a distinctive identity.

What is your subject’s mission? Is it fully reflected in his/her company mission statement, or is it something more? Locate a quote or statement from the company website that expresses the company’s overriding goal, and provide a real-world example of your subject’s performance that either supports or exceeds the company’s mission.

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