Part #3 (due in Module 14): The final draft of the Annotated Bibliography should focus on filling gaps in your research and discovering additional evidence to prove your arguments. Consider what additional perspectives, information, and evidence your need to fully develop your thesis statement and the arguments you make in the Argument Essay. What else do you still need to know? What more do you need to convince your readers? Revise the previous five entries, as needed, and add three (3) additional sources for a total of eight (8)annotated bibliography entries. These sources may come from the databases available through the Ivy Tech Library website or from the open web, so long as they are credible. Some useful genres to look for here might include films; Ted Talks; newspaper or magazine articles; public polling data from polling organizations like Pew Research, fiction/poetry/song lyrics; editorial cartoons; academic journal articles; book chapters; essays; government, advocacy, or research institution websites; court rulings; or speeches.

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