Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

1. Introduction of the mental disorder you have chosen in detail. Cite sources. 2. Brief info as to who the person is and why he/she is famous (a paragraph or two). Cite sources. 3. List the psychological affliction(s) or diagnosis; give back up to support this position. List the symptoms. All in paragraph form. Not in listing form or bullets. 4. Go into detail as to how they deal with this problem and the problems it causes them. (This is to be the bulk of presentation!) 5. Give a conclusion as to how this person deals with the public knowledge of their illness and what steps they take to control it. Are these steps methods positive or negative to the person’s well-being. 6. Most important: what did you learn from this person and how do you think you would react or handle this disorder? List what you know of this disorder.

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