Our writers

Idealresearchwriters.com hires writers who have attained an MA/MS or a PhD degree in any field. We target a writer who has a lot of knowledge and experience in their field of study. So far we have managed to own a large team of qualified researchers, writers, editors and proofreaders. We have offered them a staff and a freelance writing position. Hence, we can guarantee that each order you send will be assigned to the most appropriate professional.

Location of our writers

Most of our writers are scattered everywhere on earth. They are English-speaking writers. So orders can be placed any time of the day or night.

Education degrees

Our writing professionals have obtained, and continue to obtain, MAs and PhDs in many areas including Management, Medicine, and Law and so on. We have categorized them as shown below:

  • Art: 550+
  • Literature:350+
  • Law: 1200+
  • Medicine: 200+
  • Religion and Theology: 200+
  • Technology: 180+
  • History: 210+

Note: We have many more writers.

Hiring Process for Our Writers

We ask all applicants to:

  • Pass our English Language tests
  • Send samples of their work.
  • Write an automated essay/soft copy essay
  • Fill out our registration forms for free. It has many important queries.
    Upload their CV.

We own a capable Recruitment Department that checks each application thoroughly. It takes two weeks to exclude writers who cannot write for us. If we find issues like plagiarism, low level of education or little experience we reject an applicant.

How we check our New Writers’ work

Our new writers are assigned easy projects. When they make it through our trial stage without receiving rejections, we promote their writing status.

Our Quality Assurance Department goes through the work that is produced by every writer. Each writer has to get a client’s feedback; produce error-free and plagiarism free papers and finish up on time. When a writer’s time is 90 percent used up, we get in touch to remind them about the impending deadline.

Writers who take longer to pick up their orders are closely monitored and might be penalized.
Research follows order payment

Our qualified Research Department is given the responsibility of searching for a suitable writer. Even urgent orders can find writers who are ready to work on them and complete on time.

Use the order calculator below and get started! Contact our live support team for any assistance or inquiry.