“The shame of the natio” , by Jonathan Kozol’ .

Good morning, I have an 5 page essay that is due today a 5pm central time It is based on a book and a few articles. It is a reaction paper not a book review.It is a reaction paper that is based upon a book called The shame of the nation , by Jonathan Kozol’ . A few articles need to be included in the the paper which are attached. You can pick which one you want to pull from.. The professor does not want a summary of the book, but a reaction paper of how you. This class is called inequity in education and we talk a lot about how our county is color blind and how segregation i the school systems are reverting back to what they were. The shame of the nations book reactions: Students will be required to read Jonathan Kozol’s The shame of the nation: The restoration of Apartheid Schooling in america, as well as other relevant articles. A 5-7 page reaction paper will be due September 28, at 5 pm.

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