Topic: Coursework 1

1. Watch the Foundations of Social Responsibility (file uploaded). In 2 paragraphs (each paragraph should have 5 sentences or more): Give 1 example of a socially responsible act that has influenced your life. Explain why this example influenced you and describe how this act and the motivation behind it reflect your personal values regarding social responsibility. For instance, are there particular aspects of social change that resonate with you? In addition, define social responsibility in your own words and provide 2 examples from other references that support or influence the development of your definition. 2. Read the Challenge of Change, and Small Change (files uploaded). In 2 paragraphs (each paragraph should have 5 sentences or more): Give an explanation of factors that contribute to the success of social movements. In what ways can you pattern socially responsible action today after successful movements of the past? What circumstances have changed over time that might necessitate differences in approach? Note: Do not write introduction & conclusion. Answer in your own words or paraphrase your work. Answer the 2 questions in 2 pages. You can research on the Internet or books/journals & you can add additional references.

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