Topic: Language and Society

Find two online store catalogues (in PDF or other e-format – you can simply take screen captures for your examples if necessary). These should be from stores in a region that you know well (either Doha, the Gulf region or from another city/country that you are familiar with). The catalogues can be in
Arabic or English. However, if they are in Arabic, all of your examples will need to be translated into English. Make sure to find catalogues that are sufficiently large to give you enough data to do your analysis. You can, if necessary, find multiple catalogues from similar stores if you need more data. Of course, you should look for catalogues that have more than just pictures and prices, but also a sufficient amount of accompanying text.
One of the stores should be a lower end store (targeting a person of average or lower income); one should be a higher end store (targeting those with higher incomes; e.g., East 51).
In each catalogue, find items that are probably marketed for women, and another set probably marketed at men (find as many such items as you need to answer the questions below, but at least 6 items for each gender).

Please check attached PDF for more instruction
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