What challenges does group work pose?

Discussion If you have participated in critique for another RMCAD class, respond to the questions below: How was the critique experience for you? How did you feel both during and after the critique? Were you comfortable, or a bit anxious? What would you like to improve upon for your next critique? What did you learn about your work while being critiqued? If you have not yet had a class critique, please respond to the following questions, based upon your anticipation of the critique experience: What are your thoughts on the critique process? Are you feeling anxious about critiques or feeling comfortable? What questions do you have for those who have already been through a critique? In reply posts to your classmates this week, consider your time (time for class work, time for participating in group work, time for attending to class deadlines, etc.) What challenges does group work pose? Are these unique or different whether the group is collaborating online or in person? How do you envision group work in your future academic and professional careers?

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