Why do I want to become a doctor?

Needs to written in first person. I am applying to medical school in uk. They require a personal statement. why do I want to become a doctor? My encouragement and my inspiration are my parents who are also doctors. mom is a gynecologist. Dad is a radiologist. I have taken courses such as biology, chemistry, physics, advanced function, calculus and vectors and english in my senior of high school. In grade 11 biology I got 94%. In physics i got 92%. In chemistry i got 90% and in English i got 90%. (note: these are results for grade 11). I will attach my resume so you will have a better idea of my volunteer experience. I am bilingual (maybe find a way to make this a plus point relating to medicine) Maybe i could even work in France as a doctor. Language will help to communicate to different patients. I have no work experience however. i was part of yearbook at school. we had to multitask, so I’m good at that. I am in grade 12 and currently part of the science club as a student tutor. i help my peers, i share my knowledge with them. I am very passionate about medicine. I will attach a few materials that will help arrange all the information and also what to mention and what not to mention. this is a personal statement so there is no need for sources. Everything needs to original and should stand out. However it should not be formatic. and no plagiarism as they are very strict about that. I will also attach a link to 115 personal statements out of which some are good and some are not. they have been checked by uk council and are rated as well. this could give you an idea of their preference. and you could use it as a guide. I have upto 4000 characters including spaces and punctuation. Please make this the best personal statement you have ever written. If you need to know more about me you can email me I will try my best to attach everything you might need for the statement. I will be waiting to see some good stuff! thank you!please checkout these links as well they are samples http://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/wiki/Advice_for_People_Writing_their_Medicine_Personal_Statements<br /> <br /> http://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/content.php?r=15895-medicine-personal-statements http://www.medsci.ox.ac.uk/study/medicine/pre-clinical/applying/anatomy-of-ps

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