Why is the UN lacking in development programs?

All assignments should be written in Word and uploaded as attachments within the Assignments section of the classroom.  Use 12 pt. font and double-space.

Specific Instructions

Here’s how to get started:

For this paper you will apply the theories of socialization, interest convergence, and behavior to analyze a particular case study.

Select an international organization or type of international organization to research. Identify a problem associated with this IO. (Is it ineffective? Unable to meet its goals? Struggling for support?). Develop a research question to explore based on these ideas.

(3) Consult the online library and visit any relevant organizational websites to make sure your research question needs to be answered (for example, you don’t want to turn in a question like “Why is the UN lacking in development programs?” only to find out that such programs do exist. This question is a bad example!).

The Research Question

After walking through the above steps, write up the following six parts in a document to be submitted:

(1) The research question.

(2) A paragraph containing your statement of purpose. What will the research achieve, and what insights will it provide about international organizations? If possible, explain how the project connects to one the COs to further explain the relevance of the topic.

(3) A one-sentence statement of your main argument or thesis. Keep in mind that this may change as you develop the topic, but it’s important to keep a main argument in mind on which the paper is concentrated.

(4) Two potential counterarguments to your main argument. Thinking through counterarguments helps you see areas of weakness in your own main argument. Don’t just write two short sentence stating the opposite of your main argument – develop these counterarguments into short paragraphs to explore them.

(5) A short paragraph about evidence. Explain what kinds of evidence will support your argument. Will you be citing specific events that illustrate the claim, mustering data, or working with theory? Will the study rely on quantitative data? If so, are you certain that this data exists? Think about the best way to show that your argument is valid and explain how you will target the evidence needed.

(6) Sources. List at least six sources other than the required readings on the subject you plan to write on.  At least 2 of the 6 sources must come from peer-reviewed journals.  The notes and bibliography of our readings are a good starting point but also you should consult the “Research in IR Theory” document in the Lessons tab on your vertical toolbar.  Use formal Chicago/Turabian style in listing your sources.

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