Analyze any one movie or TV series or type of movie or TV series in cultural terms .

1) Analyze any one movie or TV series or type of movie or TV series in cultural terms (this can refer to anything political, any myths of the society, any implicit beliefs or ideologies regarding such things as class, race, gender, success or failure, and so on)—following class discussion and basing your analysis on the ideas, claims, and/or concepts of any two related essays from chapters four and six: your selection can include not only the unassigned essay for the summary but any others from chapters four or six that you may have read on your own (obviously, you can choose any assigned essay as well). Your central goal is analyze the film/TV series or type of film/TV series as a cultural sign—that is, how it reflects, questions, explores, or accepts (implicitly and explicitly) the values, or some values, of the culture using the ideas of the two essays to help establish the frame of reference or the concepts that help you develop this analysis and interpretation. You can write on any movies or TV series, although your choices should have something to do with American culture, directly or indirectly, or should be relatively recent

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