Analyze the way Napoleon’s policies rejected and strengthened the ideals of the French Revolution.

The Napoleonic Era.   Identify and analyze 4 major features, accomplishments, patterns of the Napoleonic Era.  Was Napoleon a great man? Defend your answer in detail and with specifics – analyzing the ways his policies rejected and strengthened the ideals of the French Revolution and the effect on the countries or areas that he invaded and conquered, at least for a time. INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION • Your definition of the IR • .   What were the causes of the IR in Britain?     • • Which of the causes, in your opinion, were the most important? • Historians have long argued whether the IR was a blessing or a disaster for the workers who lived through it.  Analyze its blessings.  Then analyze its “disasters” short term. • What is your final judgment?  . IMPERIALISM Summarize  and analyze  the various explanations for late nineteenth-century imperialism in an analytical manner. Quickly, which do you believe is the best explanation? Why? THEN READ THIS:  In the 19th Century “European politics were world politics. Europe had gobbled up the world” – by conquest, investment, trade, settlement. A sense of adventure and of mission – and the “rivalry of European powers competing for supremacy for Europe spilling over into the rest of the world.” Write your thoughts around it, raising questions, issues, and above all, indicating why you agree or disagree, indicating what is right about the statement or wrong about it and why. What do you think?

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