Compare and contrast crystalline materials, cubic lattices, crystal planes, crystal directions and diamond structure.


Introduction to semiconductor materials, fundamentals of quantum mechanics and carrier phenomena, operating principles of p-n junction diodes, metal-semiconductor contacts (Schottky diodes), and field-effect transistors (MOSFETS and JFETS). Knowledge leading to understanding of semiconductor devices such as bipolar-junction transistors, photodetectors and optoelectronic devices.


  1. (1).  crystalline materials, cubic lattices, crystal planes, crystal directions and diamond structure.
  2. (2).  electrons in solids, quantum mechanics concepts and probability statistics
  3. (3).  particle-wave duality, energy quanta, and uncertainty principle, in relation to the states

    of electrons in solids

  4. (4).  thermal equilibrium, Fermi-Dirac and Boltzmann distribution functions, hybrid bond,

    energy band, Fermi-level, metal, semiconductor, insulator

  5. (5).  direct and indirect semiconductors, intrinsic and extrinsic (n or p-type) semiconductors

    and charge neutrality

  6. (6).  electron and hole concentrations at thermal equilibrium, and temperature dependence of

    carrier concentrations

  7. (7).  carrier drift in electric fields and the effects of temperature and doping on mobility.

    Conductivity. Hall effect.

  8. (8).  carrier injection, excess minority carrier generation, recombination, diffusion, and drift.
  9. (9).  step-junction model of a p-n junction, space charge regions and calculation of junction


  10. (10).  ideal (Shockley) diode equation for a p-n junction under forward and reversed bias
  11. (11).  Schottky barrier diode and ohmic contact
  12. (12).  metal oxide semiconductor (MOS) capacitors, charge control model
  13. (13).  characteristics and the principle of conductivity modulation of MOSFET, small signal

    equivalent circuit.

  14. (14).  basic mode of operation of a bipolar junction transistor (time permitting).

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