Conduct an advertising audit and deliver a professional, well referenced report.

Choose an Australian brand currently (within last year) engaging in advertising (TVC, radio, internet, social media – include a copy of the ad with your work). Carefully conduct a professional advertising audit on this brand. Consider the following: Consumers and target audience (past and present – have they changed?) Advertising campaigns (past and present – what worked? Why? What’s changed? Why?) Brand (age? relationship with consumers? challenges? Relevance? Category? International?) Creative (who is it talking to? Appeal? Relevant? Production values?) Media selection (past and present – tech influences? Types of media?)PR (need it? Use it? What could they do?) Theory (ensure your work is underpinned by relevant theory and/or models and well researched) Recommendations (what do they need? Improvements? Bigger budget? Resouces?) It’s your task to conduct an advertising audit and deliver a professional, well referenced report. This will need to include a wide range of readings and research all supported by Harvard style referencing throughout the text and in a reference list.

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