Describe and Prescribe Development Needs (IT Related) for your Country.

Research Paper for IT304 “Describe and Prescribe Development Needs (IT Related) for Your Assigned Country” Your task is to become an expert on the geography, history, people, government, economy, and development needs of your assigned country. You are writing a report to development agencies in order to interest them in a development project in the country in question. Begin by reading background information about your assigned country in the CIA World Factbook (Google cia factbook). From that basic information start filling in the outline of your paper. Go to the Infoguides on the GMU library page (, select Information Technology and Engineering, select the infoguide for IT304. This should guide you in how start your search for information. You will notice that I did not assign you a global power with a thriving economy, but rather a country with a struggling economy. Research your country’s historic and current state of development in the following sectors: power generation and distribution, transportation, healthcare, agriculture, finance, and communication. Identify one of these “Commanding Heights” and design a plan to put your country on the fast track to development in this sector. Since development economists have probably been operating in your assigned country for some time, investigate the development projects that are currently in progress in your assigned country. Start your investigation with the websites of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), since these two agencies oversee much of the development work that goes on worldwide. You may find that others are already working on the project that you envisioned. If so report on their progress. Your goal is to find a development project that an organization or agency would be interested in actively participating. Your paper should include the following: • An abstract (a one paragraph summary of the entire paper), written after you write the paper but included at the beginning of the paper. In the pre-Google era, abstracts were an essential research tool by which readers decided whether or not to read the whole paper. • An introduction that presents the country, its geography and its people. • A background ( history, government and politics, communications, transportation, economy) • The main part of the paper (a pressing need, development projects related to the pressing need, and a proposed project to meet this need) • A conclusion​ • A bibliography (separate page) with sources properly cited using APA or MLA format. Formatting Instructions for content and format are given in the document “Organization Required for IT304 Assignment” contained in the folder Supplemental Files. Main topics should begin with a subject heading (in bold typeface). These will become page titles when the paper is converted into a website. References should be numbered. These numbers can be used as inline citations. Use 1 inch margins, single spacing, and a 12 point font. Be careful not to infringe on copyrights. You may not use pictures, images or charts. These items are much better suited to the website that you will prepare based on your paper. Write in complete sentences and in your own words. Note: you may not include any quoted text from published sources but must quote from the original source. Cite references appropriately and footnote (or endnote) where required. Please be aware that there is a limit on quoted material. If more than ten percent of your paper is quoted material you are guilty of plagiarism. Your bibliography should include books, professional/technical journals, as well as web articles. Cite at least three references that are specific to your assigned country. You may use news reports. You may not use sources like Your paper should be 2000-2500 words long. Use inline citations for the source of facts that are not general knowledge. If you use web sources that are not from the ACM, IEEE, news agencies, or government sites, you must include a statement as to why the site is a reputable source of information. Always include the date you accessed web sources. Proofreading: You should select an editor/proofreader before you start on the paper. If you make yourself available as a proofreader to a classmate, you may find that they are willing to do the same for you. I will not deal with papers with obvious errors that proofreading should have caught. You’ll find helpful tips at: and The GMU writing center is also a valuable resource. Tips: • There is nothing wrong with short declarative sentences (subject – verb – object) • Look out for sentences that are overly complex or contain multiple subjects • You are writing for a global audience, so avoid idiomatic expressions or local references. Submission: Save your paper as a MS/Word document and attach it to the assignment in Blackboard.

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