Discuss effects and potential effects on relevant stakeholders of Hobby Lobby.

the New York Times article at http://www.nytimes.com/2014/07/01/us/hobby-lobby-case-supreme-court-contraception.html?_r=0


Your assignment is to discuss the ethical implications of the United States Supreme Court case of Burwell v. Hobby Lobby.  You must adhere to the following requirements: (1) Make a concise and clear statement of the relevant facts of the case; (2) make a concise statement of the ethical issue or issues confronted by Hobby Lobby; (3) using concepts from the reading, class discussion, and your own research, analyze and discuss the ethical issue or issues, making sure to survey arguments from both sides; (4) discuss effects and potential effects on relevant stakeholders of Hobby Lobby, and finally (5) discuss whether you agree or disagree with Hobby Lobby and why.

A Successful paper will not only exhibit good writing characteristics identified in the Writing Rubric, but will also exhibit thorough critical thinking skills identified in the Critical Thinking Rubric.  Successful papers will also be well organized according to the prompt above.

Do not wait to start this assignment. It is recommended that you spend a minimum of 30 minutes each week on this assignment. You may turn this assignment in early; late papers earn a zero. Do not turn in this paper unless you are 100% sure that you have meet the requirements – if in doubt, ask.

Your paper is required to be 3 ½ – 5 typed pages, with a one inch margin on each side and a one inch margin on top and a one inch margin on the bottom, double spaced, not counting cover page or reference page(s). Please ensure that your name is on the cover page. You are required to use Times New Roman 12 size font, APA format. Grading will be based on your support of your answer and your critical thought. Please see the Writing Research Papers: A Complete Guide as a reference for this paper.

When presented with a hypothetical situation you should build arguments in favor of all options in the scenario, but refrain from making a decision about an action. If you make a decision before you do the reasoning, it is not reasoning, it is rationalizing. In addition, when you rationalize you can make almost any choice seem defensible, even an incorrect or wrong choice.


Ethical decision-making is a process of examination and analysis, of weighting all the information impartially, this is problem solving. With every ethical decision, there is a cost/benefit evaluation/analysis, weighing the duties/responsibilities against consequences. Duties include rules, laws/statutes, standards of your profession, and your own personal code of conduct. Consequences are the potential cost of upholding your duty or not upholding your duty. We all need to be aware of how we make ethical decisions using the cost/benefit analysis just stated. We all need to think about making decisions in advance, to be thoughtful, not reactive, when it comes to ethical decisions or choices. When you are in an ethical situation you will not be given time to think about a decision(s) (in most cases it will be a high-pressure, time constrained situation).


This paper is to be solely your own work,[1] however we will be having a discussion of ethics, specifically about the situation in the article you were asked to read (Vinson), participation in the discussion will affect your grade for the paper and the course. Feel free to do research. However, make sure that you cite your sources in your paper (to avoid plagiarism). Since you have to support your code, and you will be comparing your code to another’s code you will be completing research. Be concise in your answer as you are limited in the length of your paper.


[1] Please note that I may use “Turnitin”, a program that helps evaluate papers for plagiarism. This program searches websites, as well as other educational institutions, to determine the percentage of copied or suspected-copied text within a work.  If it is determined that you have submitted work that is not your own, it will negatively affect your grade and may lead to discipline by the University.  The best way to avoid these consequences is to accurately cite another’s work and to do your own analysis.

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