Discuss how the concepts (hardware/software) works as part of information technology content.

Topics for research papers in assignment 3 (or assignment 2) must clearly focus on an information technology concept (one example is certain types of software, or a particular software program. There are many concepts discussed in the textbook) as the focus of the paper. The concepts/hardware/software that the textbook discusses are good concepts to base your topic on. The paper you write must clearly discuss how the particular concept works as part of its content. It is not sufficient to mention words or mention concepts discussed in the textbook within a paper which is focused on something other than an information technology concept (for example, it is not acceptable to write a paper on the legal effects of social networking which does not actually discuss how social networking works in this case and how it fits within information technology). For example, for a particular software program or hardware device such as a smartphone, you would make sure to discuss how the item actually works and make clear how your discussion relates to information technology in your paper.

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