Discuss the differences between a bilateral and unilateral mistake.

1.)Read the case of Roberts vs. Century Contractors, inc. After reading the case, why do you think the Court in that particular case considered the misdiagnosis a bilateral mistake rather than a unilateral mistake? Make sure to discuss the differences between a bilateral and unilateral mistakes as well as the consequences each might have when it comes to a “meeting of the minds” in forming a legally binding business contract. 2.)the doctrine of fraudulent misrepresentations and the impact they might have on a contractual relationship. Do you agree with the principle that a person might be able to make a fraudulent misrepresentation without saying a single word? Discuss at least one area of contract/business law where such a principle is applied commonly and whether you agree or disagree with it. Each answer must have a well thought out representation and delivering a perfect and flawless answered opinion that is backed up with resources. thank you. Max page is 4, but preferably each answer should have a full page. thank you!!

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