Discuss the epidemic of obesity in America.

paragraph essay -3 body paragraphs blame one of the noted groups for the epidemic of obesity in America -put who you blame least in 1st body paragraph, then 2nd and who you blame most in 3rd body paragraph -each paragraph is either ethos, logos, or pathos. Groups to blame (choose only 3): -the fast food industry -consumers -parents -government You must use the article “portion distortion is what makes America fat” (the teachers proffered source) from the Sacramento bee as one of your sources and also use quotes from it too. Link: http://www.heritagecollegeready.org/ourpages/auto/2010/10/14/64472492/Fast%20Food%20ERWC%20Packet.pdhuf In the essay you must talk about the 20% (“for every dollar a quick-service franchiser spends to produce a food item, only 20% on average, goes toward food.”) which is explained in the 14th paragraph of the article. Be sure to have one quote for each paragraph No “I” or “you” Avoid contractions Avoid “always” and “never”

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