Discuss the “Politics of Pork”.

Chapter seven covers the legislative branch (Congress) and your readings discuss the “Politics of Pork”. Consider what you would do if you were a member of Congress. How would you balance the desires of your constituents to deliver benefits to the district (delegate representation) and national needs of fiscal responsibility and the collective good (trustee representation)? Additional Readings: Cohn, Jonathan. (1998). “Roll out the Barrel: The Case Against the Case Against Pork”. The New Republic. April 1998. Flake, Jeff. (2006). “Earmarked Men”. The New York Times. February 2006. Paige, Sean. (1999). “Rolling out the Pork Barrel”. Insight on the News. January 1999. *These readings were obtained from “Faultlines: Debating Issues in American Politics- 2nd edition” (2007); Edited by: Canon, Coleman and Mayer.

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