Discuss with reference to the theories of Machiavelli.

Question: Audre Lorde contends that “master’s tools will never dismantle master’s house” in order to emphasize the need for an overall alteration of “old structures of oppression.” Can the structures that oppress the “other” be altered with a critique using the tools available in the exist ing system/relations of power? Why or why not? Discuss with reference to the theories of Machiavelli and/or Aristotle. 1) Your paper MUST have an introduction with a thesis statement that provides a clear, complete, and direct answer to the question. 2) To answer this question you may either choose one of the thinkers, or you may write a paper comparing the two. You must explain HOW the thinker engages with the “other,” and whether their theories provide the tools for a systemic criticism and an alterat ion of the relationships between self and other . You must engage into a discussion of what these “ tools , ” that reinforce the system or provide points of resistance. 3) You may choose to discuss a feminist critique of either thinker as it relates to this question, in which case you would need to articulate HOW/WHY the critique you discuss is important for answering the question. What insights does this critique offer for thinking about the systemic criticism of self/other relationship ? Why do you find this critique convincing or not? How does the method of the critique supports/challenges your central claim. 4) Your paper will be evaluated by the following criteri a: clarity and thoughtfulness of the central argument (including a clear thesis statement in the introduction); the organization of your paper as a defense of your thesis; the depth of engagement with the course r eadings ; and basic writing mechanics (gramm ar, punctuation, avoidance of sentence fragments and run – ons).

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