Discussion you identify two theories that have the greatest relevance to social networks.

Individual psychology is an important component of health behavior and health education, but social interactions and environmental factors are also important. There are numerous theories and models that explain the relationships between and among individuals, their environments, and health behaviors. In light of the intersections between social networks and course themes of translating theory into practice, for this Discussion you identify two theories that have the greatest relevance to social networks. Consider the differences in application of these theories in research and practice.

With these thoughts in mind:


Post 3 to 4 pages brief description of the two theories you selected and why they have the greatest relevance to social networks. Then, explain how each theory defines the nature of the relationship among individuals, their environments (especially social networks), and health behaviors. Based on past and present uses of theory, discuss an explanation of the influence of economic concerns (e.g., decreased public health funding, reduced workforce) on the value of theory as a tool for intervention development.

Be sure to support your postings and responses to your colleagues’ postings with specific references to the Learning Resources and the current literature.

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