Explain how the mobile and wearable devices are different, and how they benefit a business.

Based on what you have learned about mobile and wearable computing devices, create a 5-slide presentation to a department head or the CEO of a company, to convince the audience that these devices and the data from these devices would benefit the business.


Identify at least three distintict mobile and wearable computing devices.


Remember to state the business problem, articulate the current setup, discuss examples of of mobile and wearable devices, explain how the mobile and wearable devices are different, and how they benefit the business. Use the five criteria that were discussed in your learning team forum to compare each device.  The first slide of your presentation should clearly list the five criteria you will be using in your evaluation. Use a table when making a summary of your comparison.


Include detailed speaker’s notes for each slide. Use a professional slide background and graphics on each slide.

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