Explain the key purposes of performance evaluation.

The volume of messages in a police agency is NOT determined by:

A. the total number of members in a work unit.

B. the nature of its communication networks.

C. subformal channels.

D. the degree of interdependence among the organization’s various activities.

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 What’s This?

A detective’s decision concerning how thoroughly to investigate a particular case would be an example of a/an:

A. street-level decision.

B. supervisory decision.

C. allocation decision.

D. policy decision.

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 What’s This?

In lateral communication, authority is absent; its place is taken by:

A. persuasion.

B. specialization.

C. loyalty.

D. conscience.

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 What’s This?

The clearest, most convincing message to the receiver is the one conveyed by:

A. an example.

B. one-way communication.

C. e-mail and fax.

D. more information.

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 What’s This?

Interpersonal and organizational communications both depend on __________ to ensure accuracy in the transmission and reception of messages.

A. word meaning

B. explicitness

C. people

D. feedback

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 What’s This?

__________ communications fail to provide for feedback and evaluation of messages.

A. Open-loop

B. Closed-loop

C. Participative-style

D. Free-rein

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 What’s This?

The basic component of a police command and control system is __________, often assisted today by a computer.

A. automatic vehicle monitoring

B. the radio

C. a telephone

D. None of the above

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 What’s This?

The tendency of supervisors to give employees higher ratings than they deserve is termed:

A. the halo effect.

B. central tendency.

C. supervisor leniency.

D. the career effect.

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 What’s This?

The three key purposes of performance evaluation are:

A. reprimand, praise, and feedback.

B. behaviorial motivation, control, and feedback.

C. trust building, communication, and trust.

D. criticism, discipline, and feedback.

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 What’s This?

A problem employee can be malcontented, immoral, unprofessional, and:

A. satisfied.

B. ethical.

C. criminal.

D. None of the above

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 What’s This?

The bottom line test of a police agency is the:

A. goal setting.

B. spirit of performance.

C. decision making.

D. consensus seeking.

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 What’s This?

The final step in setting objectives is:

A. development of alternative strategies.

B. feedback.

C. evaluation.

D. identification.

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 What’s This?

If a program fails to have its intended effects because it is never fully carried out, the situation is called a/an:

A. political failure.

B. implementation failure.

C. theory failure.

D. causal failure.

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 What’s This?

Which of the following is NOT one of the cornerstones of modern police strategy?

A. Preventive patrol

B. Immediate response to calls

C. Selective incapacitation

D. Follow-up investigation

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 What’s This?

The Kansas City Preventive Patrol Experiment was actually conducted in what city?

A. Kansas City

B. San Diego

C. Newark

D. St. Louis

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 What’s This?

The reactive beats in the Kansas City study received what treatment?

A. Normal levels of patrol

B. Additional levels of patrol

C. Delayed response times to calls

D. All preventive patrolling eliminated

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 What’s This?

Most police officers are assigned to the __________ function.

A. detective

B. patrol

C. investigative

D. narcotics

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 What’s This?

Detectives spend most of their time in the office doing all of the following EXCEPT:

A. reading.

B. talking on the telephone.

C. interviewing witnesses and victims.

D. writing.

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 What’s This?

__________ repeat-offender tactics include extensive surveillance of suspected active repeat offenders.

A. Aggressive


C. Proactive

D. Incapacitation

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 What’s This?

“POP” stands for:

A. problem-oriented policing.

B. personnel-oriented policing.

C. police on patrol.

D. proactive operational programs.

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