Explain the role of entrepreneurship in the development of WalMart.


The research paper and final project will consist of a case study analysis of a company of your choice(WalMart). The research must offer a business overview of the company, their Ideation phase, how they went from Ideation Stage (Start Up) and moved through the Survival Stage (Vally of Death) and on to the Growth and Expansion stages, if applicable. Discussion should include how the organization was formed and what is their organizational structure. The analysis should examine the management philosophy of innovation, culture and the reasons why the company has become so successful. The study must investigate the innovations introduced by the management and what strategies were used to make the company efficient and competitive within the industry.  This study should also look at the innovations implemented by the ownership/management team and what methods and strategies were used to create a sustainable competitive advantage. The case study should also explain the role of entrepreneurship in the development of the company and the fundamental reasons behind their success. Spend some time explain the business model.


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