Explain whether Plato’s Republic is a defense of authoritarian political hierarchy?

Length: Three pages, typed and double-spaced. (One inch margins, twelve point font.) Due: The paper copy is due at the beginning of lecture on Thursday September 24th and the electronic copy is due to turnitin.com at the same time. (You will not receive a grade for this paper unless and until it is uploaded to turnitin.) Class ID: 10636176 Password: hunter Late paper policy: Unless you have a documented medical emergency, late papers will be deducted one-third of one grade for every day they are late. (In other words, one day late means a B+ paper becomes a B.) Question: → Is Plato’s Republic a defense of authoritarian political hierarchy? Why or why not? Tips and hints: 1. Your paper will be evaluated in terms of: (a) the clarity and thoughtfulness of the central argument (including the presence of a clear thesis statement in the introductory paragraph); (b) the organization of your paper as a defense of your thesis; (c) the depth of engagement with the course readings; and (d) basic writing mechanics (including grammar, punctuation, avoidance of sentence fragments and run-on sentences). 2. Be sure to briefly explain what you understand to be the core feature(s) of authoritarian hierarchy before arguing whether or not Plato’s Republic is a defense of it. 3. You must include section numbers when quoting the text. Since we are using various editions, please also provide a complete citation of the text used, in a footnote following your first citation. (If you are using a different source than the textbook, provide that citation in a footnote.) Citation Example: Plato, speaking through Socrates, embraces corruption when he turns to examine a “feverish city.” From luxuries, he argues, emerges the need for “a city… larger by a whole army” (374a).

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