Explain why employees sometimes behave unethically.


Your will create a Slideshare titled: How a Lot of Employees Cheat a Little at Work. Take your inspiration from Dan Ariely’s Ted Talk, “Our Buggy Moral Code” and concepts from Chapters 1-4 to create a Slideshare about unethical workplace behavior. You may focus on one or several unethical behaviors, but these should be behaviors that many employees engage in (as opposed to infrequent deviant behavior such as workplace violence). Do some research and incorporate statistical evidence that backs your claims. (Please include the source(s) of your data.) Integrate one ideas/concepts/theories from Chapters 1-4 (link:https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwCc95b7SRKsdmdhSWVndW9iSHM/view?usp=sharing) that help to explain WHY employees sometimes behave unethically, or what the outcomes of unethical behavior might be. Feel free to take a conservative point of view (e.g., all cheating is bad) or a more provocative point of view (e.g., cheating can be beneficial).


If you are unfamiliar with Slideshares, these are typically non-narrated Powerpoint presentations that can “stand alone” to convey the author’s’ message. They are often persuasive, and many incorporate some statistical evidence to support the author’s’ claims. Here is a recent award

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