Sterling has prepared the following two-column proof below. He is given that ∠OLN ≅ ∠LNO and he is trying to prove that OL ≅ ON. Triangle OLN, where angle OLN is congruent to angle LNO Step Statement Reason 1 ∠OLN ≅ ∠LNO Given 2 Draw OE as a perpendicular bisector to LN by Construction 3 m∠LEO = 90° Definition of a Perpendicular Bisector 4 m∠NEO = 90° Definition of a Perpendicular Bisector 5 LE ≅ EN Definition of a Perpendicular Bisector 6 ΔOLE ≅ ΔONE Hypotenuse-Leg (HL) Postulate 7 ∠LEO ≅ ∠NEO Transitive Property of Equality 8 OL ≅ ON CPCTC Sterling made two errors in the proof. Identify and correct the errors.

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