How can I apply what I learned about developing my ideas to writing in my profession?

You are being asked to think about the skills you have learned during this module related to writing an expository essay and how those skills might be helpful to you in the workplace. For example, you are not likely to encounter writing situations at work that require a thesis statement at the end of your introduction, as we so often see in academic writing; however, in the workplace, you will need to think about your writing purpose, something that writing a thesis helps us learn. For your journal, think about this connection and others as you think about how the genre of writing you learned about in this module can help you when you have to write at work. You might consider the following questions: How can I apply what I learned about developing my ideas to writing in my profession? How does the information I learned about writing in a formal academic style help me in workplace writing? How can I apply what I learned about organizing my ideas to a situation I might encounter as a professional? Why is it important to consider my audiences in the context of workplace writing? These are just suggested questions. You may have other ideas you wish to explore as you think about the connections between academic writing, expository writing, and writing in the workplace. *Your journal entry should be at least 200 words in length.

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