How do Thersites’ criticisms of Agamemnon compare to Achilles?

I have a few projects about 10 mini projects I need… each writing is about 3 to 4 sentences. here are the questions I needs a response to: M1.1 How do Thersites’ criticisms of Agamemnon compare to Achilles? Do they lead to different outcomes? Why? M1.2. Hector and Andromache meet at a liminal space (the gates) that divides the world of the city from warfare. What do we learn about Hector’s values from this scene? Why does the poet have him meet his wife and child? M3.1. Analyze the representation of eating, sleeping and sexual activity and their significance for understanding human activity in the final books of the poem. M3.2. Achilles notes that there can be no compacts between lions and men. In the context of the final books of the poem, what is significant about this claim? M4.1 When Dido and the Trojans first interact, she is a competent leader. What causes that to change? How does that relate back to the proem and the issues raised there? M4.2 In Aeneid 4, the failed relationship between Aeneas and Dido serves as the explanation for historical hostility between Rome and Carthage. How does this personal relationship and its affect upon much larger communities reflect important ideas about the individual and the community? NB: your role here is not to pass judgment upon the relationship between Dido and Aeneas, but rather to think about why the depiction of the relationship and how that works into the poem as a whole. M5.1 Compare the council of the gods in Aeneid 10 with the council that opens Iliad 1. Does the depiction to the divine world in that scene of the Aeneid replicate ideas familiar from the Iliad? In what ways are the scenes different? M5.2 In what ways is Camilla similar to Nisus and Euryalus? What similar messages do their deaths convey about epic glory, and the individual’s pursuit of it? M6.1 Candaules confuses public and private realms, and this leads to disaster. How is his story representative of larger themes in Book 1? M6.2 With the story of Candaules and Gyges in mind, analyze the downfall of Cyrus?

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