How would you describe the cultural environments in both Sweden and Bahrain?

Please read carefully the instructions and follow them. Strictly avoid any kind of plagiarizing. Questions for the Anna Håkansson case study: 1.What is your opinion of the manner in which Anna Håkansson prepared for her business trip? Could she have done a better job here? If so, how? 2.Using the materials from Chapter 3 and the text Appendix concerning Hofstede’s cultural model, how would you describe the cultural environments in both Sweden and Bahrain? 3.Would Anna’s conclusions concerning mainstream Swedish and Bahraini cultures differ if you used the core cultural dimensions (see pages 80-85) instead of Hofstede’s framework? 4.What can Håkansson do to minimize the creation of stereotypes about the people she will meet at Gulf One? 5.Based on what you have learned, identify some of the cultural complexities and contradictions facing Håkansson as she tries to understand the culture of her counterparts in Bahrain. 6.Based on what Anna Håkansson has already done to prepare for her upcoming visit, what are the next steps, if any, that you would recommend she take to continue developing her knowledge of business culture in the Middle East? Instructions: Prepare your responses in no more than 4 type written pages (in APA Format). There is no need to write too much. Try to stick to the points. Conduct a spelling check carefully before submitting your response.

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