Maus by Art Spiegelman.

1. Avoids 1st person “I” and 2nd person “you,” ________ Never use either (including expressions such as “in my opinion”) 2. May use 3rd person “one” and generally avoids “the reader” ________ 3. Thesis– written in present tense– contains specific ideas that are provable within a three page paper ________ 4. Thesis is the last sentence in the first paragraph. ________ (only one sentence) 5. Each body paragraph (at least 4) is developed based upon the _________ specific ideas presented in the thesis 6. Body paragraphs should begin with a topic sentence _________ and contain at least one quotation from Maus. They should ANALYZE rather than SUMMARIZE details from the novel. Do not use “This quote shows…” 7. Topic sentences (and indeed most of the paper) contain a strong verb in PRESENT tense. Particularly avoids “There is, There are…” ________ 8. Avoids using contractions, comma splices (C/S), run-ons, and fragments _________ (Can’t = cannot) 9. Avoids commas before dependent clauses at the _________ end of the sentence– particularly commas before the word “because.” 10. Uses transitional words between sentences and/or _________ paragraphs. (However, Therefore, Nevertheless, etc) 11. Includes a sentence that uses multiple participial phrases _________ at the beginning of end of a sentence. 12. Every quotation is correctly introduced and “blended” with student’s writing. (Often this means using a colon before a quotation). 13. No paragraph ends with a quotation. Instead, all quotations have _________ sentences of analysis that follow them. 14. The paper analyzes at least two prominent literary _________ devices. Choose any two that appear relevant to your analysis when analyzing your quotations (metaphor, allusion, allegory, alliteration, anthropomorphism, conflict, diction, foil, hyperbole, imagery, irony, paradox, etc). 15. Uses parallel structure _________ Perhaps in the “not only… but also” format, but there are many options you may use. 16. Uses juxtapose as a verb. Yes, this is an arbitrary requirement. _________ 17. Uses present tense when discussing literature _________ (e.g. The townspeople isolate Vladek. They do not understand why he wears a metaphorical mask.) 18. Avoids weak filler words, such as “thing,” “get,” and “stuff” _________ 19. Uses one word from each of the following pairs: _________ affect/effect, farther/further, and than/then 20. Correctly uses a semicolon and a dash within the paper _________ Documentation 1. Correct MLA format/heading ________ 2. Contains a title that is appropriate for an analysis paper. _________ (e.g. Of Maus and Men:Postwar Identity Through a Postmodern Lens in Art Spiegelman’s Maus, Representing History in Art Spiegelman’s Maus, Reading Art Spiegelman’s Maus as Postmodern Ethnography, An Analysis of Pastiche in Art Spiegelman’s Maus, Framing the Past: Postmodernism and the Making of Reflective Memory in Art Spiegelman’s Maus) 3. Words of importance are capitalized in the _________ title. The novel title is italicized. The title is centered on the paper and in 12 point font- NOT BOLD FACED! 4. Paper contains appropriate spacing. There should _________ be only one space between everything in your paper, no gaps in spacing are allowed. (e.g. after the date, you should have one space, then your title, then one more space, and then your first sentence. No triple spacing. No 2.15 spacing.) 5. Internal citations are properly formatted. _________ The period follows the ( ). However, if the sentence ends with an ! or a ?, that punctuation remains inside the “ (e.g. “On every visage a black veil” (307). No long quotes for this paper. DO not begin paragraphs with quotes. 6. In the top right corner of every page including _________ and after 1, contains your last name and the page number. (e.g. Anderson 1 or Conroy 2) 7. The word Maus is italicized every time it is used.

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