Staples thesis, Canadian Economy.

How worthwhile is the “staples thesis” adopted by economic historians such as Harold Innis in providing an approach that accounts for the evolution and present nature of the Canadian economy? A successful essay should combine both a case study and an analytical approach. Your essay should begin with an introduction that sets out your thesis, which needs to combine elements of both the case study and the analysis. Then comes the main body of the paper, in which you present your full case. The essay should end with a conclusion that pulls together the arguments you have made. An analytical essay is important, rather than a paper that merely sets out the facts. You need to footnote: facts that are not a part of general knowledge; quotations; and passages of the essay that closely adhere to an approach of one of your sources. You can use any one of the usual footnoting or endnoting systems, as long as you apply it consistently.

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