Topic: 1. The blockbuster and high concept film has become the prevailing mode for mainstream Hollywood product. Why do you think this is so? Discuss with reference to one blockbuster and one high concept film.

Students are required to submit a research essay on one of the topics from the list supplied. Students are free to adapt, change or invent their own topic if they desire, but only in consultation with their tutor. Essays are to be appropriately researched in accordance with 3rd year standards, cited correctly according to the APA style system.
Essays are to be 3500 words in length with a Reference List of all works cited in the body of their essay (note, ONLY sources cited in the essay are appropriate for a Reference List). This research essay must draw upon ideas/concepts/discussions stemming from lectures and tutorials. Failure to reflect these ideas will result in a failure of the submission. This essay must be submitted through Turnitin. Plagiarism will result in an academic misconduct investigation, with procedures available at .

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