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Annotate bibliography

Using only 3 articles you find in “CINAHL” develop a two to three paragraph description of each article.
1. – Article “ nurses shortage”
2- Article “nurses burnout”
3. – Article “stress in nurses ”

Your description should include your summary of the research literature described in the study, which led the authors to conduct the study.

1 -Indicate what the stated purpose is of the study;
• Identify the key concepts investigated – including the outcome or dependent variable as well as the independent variables.

2 – State the study’s important findings, and share what you see as the implications for nursing research and practice based on the results of the study.

3 – Finally, state what you liked about the article?
• Did you learn any new information from this study?
• Will the information be useful for you?

Do not copy the study abstract. Please correctly cite the 3 research articles using APA format.

For Further information on how to conduct an annotated bibliography, please refer to the following website:
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