Topic: Career reflection

For this assignment you will first complete two career inventories:
1. The Interest Profiler (based upon the Strong Interest Inventory)
a. Login to CFNC at
b. click “Plan” at the top of the page; select “Plan for a Career”; select
“Learn About Yourself”
c. Complete the “Interest Profiler”
2. The Type Finder (based upon the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator)
Then, select one career development theory (found in Chapters 2 & 3 of our text) and
apply the theory to your own career development while covering the following:
I. Provide a description of your career history through the lens of your chosen theory.
II. Discuss general results of your two career assessments. Explain how this has
added to your sense of career choice and development. How do these results
align with key concepts from your theory?
III. Provide a conceptualization of your current career situation (e.g., student,
employee) as it relates to the theory or theories you chose. Suggest future career
directions for yourself framed within the assessment results and theory you are
Integrate theoretical knowledge with personal experiences, and represent an in-depth
examination of your career history and career path. Papers should be 5 double-spaced
pages in length and written in APA format. Title page and references do not count
toward the page total

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