Topic: (Eliot and Hemingway)

1. There is an epigraph at the beginning of T. S. Eliot\’s \”The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock\” which is taken from Dante\’s \”The Inferno.\” Please give a brief translation (the Italian is easily found translated via the internet), and comment upon how you think it relates to the poem.

2. At the end of Eliot\’s poem, he mentions that Prufrock does not think that the mermaids will \”sing\” to him. How do you interpret this?

3. In \”Hills Like White Elephants,\” Ernest Hemingway uses the elephant as a symbol in a few different ways. Comment on one way you think Hemingway makes use of the elephant as a symbol (again, this is easily researched on the internet.)

4. Hemingway uses alcohol consumption as a symbol of the state of mind of both of his characters in \”Hills.\” In your opinion, what is the constant drinking by the two characters symbolic of?
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